MARCH 9, 2015

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Based on results from preference poll taken by Ward 4 and Ward 8 residents after discussion held by DC Women in Politics

WASHINGTON, DC (March 9, 2015)--After two spirited debates and preference polls both held in Ward 4 and Ward 8 by DC Women in Politics (DCWIP) on women's issues for all female candidates in the council race, DC residents have voted in favor of Renee Bowser of Ward 4 and Natalie Williams of Ward 8, most likely to win the special election for council seat on April 28, 2015.

The discussion for all Ward 4 council female candidates was held on March 8 and moderated by Ebony McMorris, DC News and Community Affairs Director of Radio One. Candidates discussed DC statehood, homelessness, education, nutrition, and affordable housing. Ward 4 candidate Bowser won majority vote in yesterday’s preference poll.

Bowser is humbled by the support of her campaign. “I am so thankful for the community and DCWIP’s support in my candidacy. I will make them both proud as I fight on behalf of Ward 4 residents in education, housing, and most importantly safety,” said Bowser.

The discussion for all Ward 8 council female candidates was held on February 28, and was moderated by Vanella Jackson-Crawford, President/CEO, Vanella Group. Candidates discussed domestic violence programs for women, choice housing for Ward 8 families, and educational programs for young girls in direct response to the recent proposal for an all-boys school.

Williams, who won over Mayor Bowser’s pick for Ward 8, expresses her gratitude for the community’s support. “Since day one, this campaign has been powered by Ward 8 residents that understand just how much ‘Leadership Matters’. Their vote confirms that people, not outside interests, still decide elections,” said Williams.

Both candidates’ campaign messaging includes being “unbought” by the establishment in the hope of proving that ultimately people and votes will determine the election. Based on the poll results, DCWIP members will support the endorsement of the residents and patronize efforts to both Bowser and Williams for the remainder of their campaigns.

DCWIP President Anita B Shelton recognizes that women candidates have increased based on the recent mayoral election of Muriel Bowser and the proposed candidacy of Hillary Clinton. As a result, DCWIP members decided that this discussion and preference poll would be appropriate to highlight all female candidates and their knowledge on women’s issues that will encourage women to vote. “We will be using all of our resources to encourage women in both wards to vote and support both candidates. As we all know when women vote, women win,” said Shelton.