Candidate for Ward 5 Member of the State Board of Education

I am a native Washingtonian, working mother and wife and I hope to earn your vote for the Ward 5 State Board of Education.  I have lived in Ward 5 for more than 10 years.  Like many families, my husband and I work hard to put food on the table and care for our young son.  Our goal is to create an environment where he feels safe, supported, and free to explore interests and talents that enrich his life.  My goal, as your Ward 5 voice, is to ensure that same experience for all children!

I believe all children deserve a quality public education.  Families entrust the education of their children to our school system, making us, not policy makers, the biggest investors in that system.  As such, parents should be intentionally and meaningfully engaged in all aspects of education.   

I believe in early literacy.  We know that when young children read with their families and are engaged in literacy practices, there are positive academic and social outcomes.  Our son was a late talker and didn’t start to speak until he was about 3 years old.  We were thankful to find resources like DC Strong Start, that helped and encouraged our family.  We learned so much during that time, and now our son is speaking and is a strong reader! I know there are families that will experience similar situations and I will be your advocate. 

Over my 20+ year career as a finance professional, I have created and preserved affordable housing in the District.   I have developed and implemented homeownership and foreclosure prevention programs and am currently a member of the DC Historic Preservation Review Board.  There is intersectionality between housing and education, and I bring specific expertise that equips me to ensure comprehensive solutions that improve our systems.