Ward 5 Member of the DC Council Candidate


I am running to be the next Ward 5 Councilmember because I believe in the power of community.

Community has always been a through-line for me from my time as a 7th grade language arts teacher until today. When my husband and I were ready to start our family, we wanted to be in a place where we could see reflections of ourselves, feel a sense of belonging and raise our children around people with strong community values. We found all of that in Ward 5

There is so much to love about our city and Ward 5, but we also know there are issues impacting our Ward that I know we can solve together.

Issues such as the increasing cost of housing, a need for community-centered development, environmental justice; increasing issues of safety (both gun violence and safe streets); addressing the unmet needs of our community and lingering impact of trauma; access to equitable city services; access to high-quality educational options from birth throughout life; and so much more.

As a mom, black woman, and a wife I want to be able to live in a city where I feel seen and safe. A city where all of our children, and us, can grow and thrive. When we focus on women, and make sure women are well, our whole community is well.

Addressing these issues requires a responsive and accessible government, and we can address these issues in a holistic way that serves the needs and interests of our diverse Ward; but it must be informed with community-voice.

I have served in many roles inside and outside of government, but what I am most proud of is my ability to build coalitions; to lean into and trust the lived experiences of neighbors in solving the most pressing issues. For over a decade, I’ve been doing this work, on the front lines.

The next Ward 5 councilmember, I promise I will always work with you and FIGHT FOR YOU – to make sure our community is able to see and feel how the city’s over $17 billion dollar budget is working to make our ward and city stronger.