At-Large Member of the DC Council Candidate

My name is Leniqua’dominique Jenkins, and like most women I have a plural identity. I am a super aunt to 8 amazing nieces and nephews, I owned a home health care agency in the District of Columbia for over a decade, I am a successful children’s book author, former elected official, and preschool teacher at a language submersion school. Most importantly, I am a woman who understands the diverse needs of women in the District, and the urgency for those needs to be supported through innovative and forward-thinking legislation. The future legislation I draft and support will speak to the hearts of women at all stages in life. Once elected, I will prioritize the unique challenges women in the District are facing. Specially, I will fight to ensure the following:

  • Expanded access to fertility treatment/and technologies – Research shows that State mandated coverage has increased the use of fertility treatments 3-fold, which leads to better public health outcomes for women and their families. By initiating policies that will expand coverage provided by private insurance companies, Medicaid, and the DC Healthcare Alliance to include diagnosis and treatment for infertility, I will make sure the women of the District have access to the healthcare services they deserve.
  • Deep investments into research that supports womb health – Uterine fibroids (Leiomyomas) are the most common benign pelvic tumors in women and are a major indication for a hysterectomy. These types of fibroids are more common and severe in African American women. Based on the data, fibroids should be considered a public health emergency. I will fight to ensure we have deep investments into diagnosing cases, and treatment that directly impacts women’s quality of life and fertility. 
  • Stronger Investments into postpartum care and grief and loss support – The loss of a child is heartbreaking. When a mother experiences the loss of a child, clinical and emotional support must be easily accessible, and at little to no out of pocket cost to the mother.  I will fight for women to have access to the care they need after pregnancy or miscarriage.

As women in DC are continuing to evolve and adapt, they are seeing their future on their own terms. I will be a strong advocate for women through legislation and policy creation to help meet the diverse needs and support the goals of all women.