Mayoral Candidate -- Independent

I am Mayoral Candidate Rhonda Hamilton, a proud Washingtonian, small business owner, daughter of the military, daughter of schizophrenia, and lover of my dear city, DC.  Yes, I am an Independent, but most importantly I am a humanitarian. 

As the next Mayor of the District of Columbia my priorities are directly aligned with that of being a true advocate for the people.  I am gravely concerned with the enormous amount of challenges that we currently face as a city failing in the areas of wealth disparity, and economic matters involving our youth and families of poorer means.  Additionally, matters of mental health, homelessness, lack of proper governmental oversight, accountability, policy enforcements, education, public safety, affordable housing, as well as the existing healthcare inequities are at the forefront of my intentions to "overhaul" the "overall" District programs and systems that are not working for far too many Washingtonians.

As a woman and descendant of the "civil rights" movement I am aware of the importance of always helping to advocate for democracy by raising my voice, taking a stand against injustices, and for ensuring that matters of humanity remain impartial to "party" lines, and political processes that would intentionally disavow citizens of any particular class, race, ethnicity, or gender to the rights afforded us all by the constitution.

My policies will pay specific focus to ensuring that all Washingtonians have access to the economic growth of our city, while maintaining available access for all DC citizens to resources and programming that will also include matters of equal pay, enhanced childcare, maternity, family, and paid leave realities.

I agree that "when women vote, women win!"  I also agree that as nurturers and guardians of our families, and communities, "our city wins", when we are proactive at protecting the presence of abuse, misuse, and the lack of care for those that are the least among us.  I am proud to represent the presence of "forward thinking", accountable leadership that seeks to invite the many disengaged Washingtonians back to the table to help steer our dear city in the direction of its true potential for "greatness".

I appreciate the opportunity to possibly be included in your upcoming forum to discuss in further detail my campaign platform, and eagerness to move our city forward.