Ward 1 Member of the DC Council Candidate


My name is Sabel Harris and I’m the daughter of Vietnamese boat refugees and working-class Virginians. I’m an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, community builder, advocate, and educator. I’ve helped small businesses, worked retail jobs, and built multi-million dollar tech companies from the ground up.

Where I am today came from the foundation of the strong, independent women in my life. My Ba Ngoai (maternal grandmother in Vietnamese), aunts, and most, importantly, my mom, Jackie, all paved the way for me to continue carving a path for others.

My mom raised me and formed the basis of the woman I am. She began college when she was 30 and received her degree from Christopher Newport University in Business Administration. I saw directly from her that cultivating a hard work ethic and helping others could break down the barriers for people like us.

When I walk around Ward 1, I see my own story in our community here. I see a vibrant community of artists, families playing in our parks, and local businesses running again. But I also see that affordable housing isn’t actually affordable, schools aren’t getting the basics they need, wages aren’t liveable, people are worried for their safety, and we’re not preparing for the climate crisis right in front of us.\

We need comprehensive healthcare, climate-conscious transportation options, schools where kids can grow instead of worry, community safety for all, jobs that pay more than just the rent, and responsive, active help with day-to-day issues.

I truly believe that together we can make the bold changes our community deserves. That’s why I’m running for DC Ward 1 Councilmember. Ward 1 needs a voice on the Council from someone who knows what it’s like to feel different, whose family lived not knowing where their next meal was coming, and most importantly, from someone who isn’t afraid to fight for everyone here.