DC House of Representatives Candidate


My name is Rev. Wendy Hamilton. I’m an Ordained minister, social justice advocate and mother of one daughter and new grandmother of a grandson.

I proudly received my Bachelor’s Degree from Howard University (B.S. Human Development, in 1991) and my Master's Degree from Howard University School of Divinity (M.A. Religious Studies, 2006.) I worked on Capitol Hill, in DC Public Schools, at the NAACP Headquarters in Baltimore and recently pastored Open Door Metropolitan Community Church in Germantown, MD.

I believe PubIic Service is a form of ministry and I am running for D.C. Delegate to Congress because We, the residents of the District of Columbia deserve the opportunity to live and prosper as the 51st State of America. As our Representative I would continue the valiant fight for DC Statehood while also exploring other pertinent issues that could tangibly help DC residents right now such as Universal Basic Income, Universal Healthcare, Education Reform, Criminal Justice Reform and the protection of Women’s Rights across the board. As a proud Ward 8 resident, I would use my voice to advocate for policies that would reflect the best interests of residents across all 8 wards of our beautiful city.

I’d meet regularly with City (Mayor) and Council leaders to ensure we were all on the same page and speaking with one voice as it pertains to what’s best for DC. I’d champion issues like equal pay, reproductive rights, UBI for Caregivers and Seniors, restoration of the childcare tax credit, the lowering prescription drug costs, and deeply affordable housing options for all.

I have listened to countless stories of regular everyday people just trying to get by from one day to the next and feeling as though their voices and struggles have not been heard or appreciated by the powers that be. I am committed to changing that.