Ward 7 Member of the DC City Council Candidate

As the next Councilmember for the Ward 7, I am uniquely qualified and prepared to take on the responsibilities of the office on day one. Though there is tremendous concern and pressure to address crime eradication, supporting women and families goes hand in hand. Women need District services in behavioral health, DCPS, general healthcare, as well as housing. In order to combat crime, MPD and the Department of Behavioral Health must partner with DCPS on tackling issues that arise when families are in crisis with domestic violence, child abuse and truancy. There must be more of a partnership between these agencies to ensure supportive results. Women must also have accessible, affordable healthcare that includes comprehensive maternal, baby and preventive services from childbearing through senior years. I have the fortitude to advocate for this through legislation and resource distribution that will encourage the flow of support for Ward 7 women and families.

I’ve served as Director of Communications for 3 Council Chairman and Chief of Staff for one Ward 7 Councilmember. I bring experience in the financial cluster with all-encompassing knowledge of our budget, finances and economic development from the Office of the Chief Financial Officer and expertise in public safety from DC Fire/EMS as Sr. Public Information Officer (PIO). I have in depth expertise in criminal justice from serving CSOSA for 16 years in the Office of Legislative, Intergovernmental and Public Affairs. Additionally, I was the PIO for the DC School Board and served as an ANC for 7B01.

My wealth of knowledge and commitment is unmatched! I’d be honored to transfer these skills to benefit the Ward 7 community. I currently serve as the National Committeewoman for the DC Democratic Party. I am a known leader with a record of successful collaborations.

I’d like your vote on June 4th.