Ward 7 Member of the DC City Council Candidate

As a daughter of Ward 7 and a fifth-generation Washingtonian, I've seen firsthand the impactful work of my mother and grandmother in shaping our community through education and advocacy. Their legacy fuels my commitment to ensure the voices and needs of women in our community are heard. Our ward has the potential to be a beacon of opportunity and I am dedicated to its betterment for future generations.

With women comprising 52% of our ward’s population, I recognize the role they play in fostering the vitality of our neighborhood. As the next Ward 7 councilmember, my commitment lies in advocating for initiatives and investments that prioritize the well-being of Ward 7 residents and empower our women.

My platform is structured around three core pillars, tailored to address the needs of Ward 7 residents, particularly our women:

Fully funding and modernizing schools

As the president of the State Board of Education, I understand the longstanding issue of underfunded schools in Ward 7. I’m an advocate for the necessary resources to fully fund our schools, ensuring that every student has access to a quality education and safe and healthy environments conducive to learning.

Balanced approach to public safety

I am spearheading efforts to shift the public safety conversation toward a more comprehensive and proactive approach, particularly concerning women's safety. Prioritizing accountability for perpetrators while addressing root causes is crucial. Enhanced coordination and oversight of city agencies, coupled with investments in training and tools, are essential to combat violence.

Inclusive economic development and housing

Ward 7 needs economic development that balances the needs of small-business owners and entrepreneurs, native residents (most of whom are women) and new neighbors. I will advocate for legislation that prioritizes job opportunities for DC residents and policies supporting housing for seniors and low to moderate-income families.