Ward 7 Member of the DC City Council Candidate

Ebony Payne is a third generation Washingtonian and the current ANC Commissioner representing the historic Ward 7 community of Kingman Park where she grew up. She brings over a decade of experience in the health and wellness field having graduated from Potomac Massage Training Institute and holding a private practice for 10 years. In 2016, Ebony founded what is now an award-winning tea company specializing in locally sourced medicinal herbs. Her priorities for women and families include:

Solving Ward 7’s Food Desert 

By harnessing her network of local farmers to expand farmers markets while working with developers to attract new grocery stores, improve fresh food offerings, and encourage healthy food businesses, and restaurants, especially those owned by local small business owners. 

Improving Maternal Health Outcomes

Ward 7 has some of the highest maternal mortality rates in the nation and this is due in part to a lack of access to quality maternal care that forces expecting mothers to travel across town to give birth. In addition to improving access to fresh food, I will work to expand access to maternal health care and holistic care that supports mothers throughout their pregnancies which can be done by expanding doula networks and quality OBGYN clinics.

Improving Ward 7 Schools

Every child, regardless of which side of the river they live on, deserves to be able to safely walk to their neighborhood school and learn from the best teachers. As Councilwoman, I will work to attract top teacher talent, and expand vocational education to ensure every student graduates with a skill or trade that will help them be self-sufficient into their adulthood. I will also ensure we are fully funding our schools, teacher salaries, and support staff, especially for students with learning and physical disabilities.