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I have lived in DC for over 12 years, but the last 4 have been some of the most difficult as we navigate one of the most difficult times in our nation’s history due to government corruption, climate change, racial and economic injustices, nuclear proliferation, rising autocracy and fighting a pandemic all without Senate representation.  My strategies as Senator will center around obtaining DC Statehood, Statehood transitioning, and elevating DC policy goals.  For obtaining DC Statehood, I support a 2-pronged approach of both traditional advocacy as well as add more direct action components.  Grassroot organizations have been superbly effective at adding cosponsors to H.R.51 and S.631, and I will push to increase funding from $200,000 to 12 million.  Historically civil disobedience has played an important role in struggles for self-governance and full democratic participation.  I think it would be helpful for DC residents to get out into the streets and raise a ruckus.  We achieved Home Rule under Nixon due to protests.  While we should support and fight for a congress that will vote for DC Statehood, we should also supplement those efforts with our voices and our feet.  As a non-Democrat member of the Statehood Commission, I will ensure a more transparent, open-ended, elected, and delegated Constitutional Convention that resembles the more thoughtful process implemented in 1982.  Lastly, I will show up and speak up for DC policy objectives.  I will speak up about and fight for our voice in the Senate.  I will post videos as DC’s Senator on the questions we wish could be asked in hearings, how decisions impact us, and how I would vote.  During key votes, I will show up at the Capitol with my DC flag to remind the Senate that they are voting on an important issue without representation from DC’s constituency.

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