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Republican Candidate for D.C. Council At-Large 

Who I am:  immigrant/refugee, Mom, and long-time D.C. resident, with extensive experience in Government and industry: including startup of small companies, service in Government agencies and large companies.  As an immigrant, I know that an education is everyone’s ticket out of poverty.  I worked many jobs to pay for my education:  waitress, factory laborer, nurses’ aide, clerical assistant, paralegal, church organist.

It is my belief that all issues are “women’s issues”:  public safety, education, fostering a business-friendly climate, ending homelessness, and access to quality health care.

As your Councilmember, I will:

  • Support the Metropolitan Police Department and work to fight crime in our neighborhoods
  • Work to rebuild our thriving service economy
  • Improve government services to benefit all citizens
  • Work to increase high school graduation rates to 90%
  • Implement vocational-technical instruction in our high schools
  • Work to end homelessness
  • Use opportunity zones to grow our economy
  • Help small business owners through decreased regulations, insurance relief from COVID-related liabilities, tax abatement, etc.
  • Grow “second chance” employment
  • Fight corruption by providing proper oversight of the Office of Contracting and Procurement, and improving our contracting practices
  • Work to pass pension exclusion legislation, to enable our Seniors to keep more of their pension income and enjoy the same tax benefits as Seniors in neighboring jurisdictions and 37 other states

As a former small business owner, contract management professional with an MBA degree, and government employee, I am the best qualified candidate to effect positive change for all D.C. residents.

Contact Information:

Mailing Address:  MaryaDC2020, PO Box 40057, Washington DC. 20016
Email:  [email protected]
Cellphone:  703-967-5023
Campaign Chair: Dr. Charles Vincent, 202-239-7244

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