DC Women in Politics (DCWIP) congratulates our recommended candidates Brooke Pinto, Ward 2, and Janeese Lewis George, Ward 4! We stand with our next generation of progressive leaders, Brooke Pinto and Janeese Lewis George, who are committed to change. “When women vote, women win,” Anita Shelton, President of DCWIP.    

We stand with the protestors calling for justice for George Floyd and others subject to police brutality. The cry from George Floyd, "mama, mama" as he took his last breath by the heinous actions of four officers of the Minneapolis Police Department breaks our hearts.

For women and supporters to hear that call, it was a plea for action against racism and gender disparities. It is time for us to act decisively and reform our police departments into community policing departments. Our country and our city are in mourning and each of us must do our part to affect change. Join with DC Women in Politics to combat and end police brutality, discrimination and gender inequities.

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