DC Women in Politics Announce Preference Poll Results for Women Candidates

Please join us: DC Women in Politics (DCWIP) will announce the results of its Preference Poll on Wednesday, March 30 at a short outdoor event in Ward 5 at the corner of Monroe and Michigan NE at 1:00 pm.

Twenty-Two women are running for public office this year, the highest number of women running for office since DCWIP was founded in December of 2012, and since Home Rule was established. The town hall included 15 women candidates currently running for the DC House of Representatives, and DC City Council including the seats for Chair, At-Large and in Wards 1, 3 and 5.

“The DC Women in Politics Town Hall on March 21 served as a forum for District voters to hear directly from the women who are candidates for the DC House of Representatives and DC City Council. The virtual event reached a record attendance of 684 DC voters who can begin to make an informed decision in preparation for the June primaries, and ultimately the November election,” said DCWIP President, Anita Shelton.

Candidates spoke about various issues impacting District residents, and especially women, children and families who have been hardest hit by the changing workforce, quality childcare/daycare, ongoing lack of affordable housing, and public safety, sexual harassment and domestic violence. Following the town hall, DCWIP conducted a Preference Poll for the audience to cast their vote for their choice of the best qualified candidates, and more than 430 people voted. The following candidates participated:

DC City Council Candidates

  • At-Large:
    • Anita Bonds
    • Sharece Crawford
    • Lisa Core
    • Leniqua Dominique Jenkins
  • Chairperson:
    • Erin Palmer
  • Ward 1:
    • Brianne Nadeau (Incumbent)
    • Sabel Harris
  • Ward 3:
    • Deirdre Brown
    • Tricia Duncan
    • Monte Monash
  • Ward 5:
    • Kathy Henderson
    • Faith Gibson Hubbard

DC House of Representatives

  • Delegate, U.S. House of Representatives:
    • Eleanor Holmes Norton
    • Wendy Hamilton   

For your convenience, we have posted individual recordings for each office on Facebook:

The Preference Poll is closed.We plan to announce the results on March 30.

Facebook access

Preference Poll

  • Friday, 3/25/22 at midnight -- is closed. 

Link to information about the candidateshttps://www.dcwomeninpolitics.org/2022_women_candidates