DC Women in Politics Touts Historic Election As Council Poised to Elect Female Majority, and Endorses Christina Henderson for At-Large Member of the Council of the District of Columbia

WASHINGTON, DC — DC Women in Politics (DCWIP) announces that it has endorsed Christina Henderson for At-Large member of the Council of the District of Columbia.

Of the eight women competing in a crowded field of 24 candidates, Christina received the resounding approval of 68% of the votes cast in the DCWIP Preference Poll following the Virtual Town Hall viewed by 1,600 people on Facebook.

Christina’s stance on escalating childcare costs; delivery of healthcare especially during the COVID-19 pandemic; and affordable housing to help families who’ve been in DC for generations stay in DC, led DCWIP members to believe she is the best candidate for At-Large member of the Council of the District of Columbia.

DC Women in Politics is organizing to elect the seventh woman to the Council of the District of Columbia, establishing a female majority for the first time. “A historic election of a seventh woman to the Council of the District of Columbia would bring increased sensitivity to citizen needs, compromise across party lines, and produce a maintainable future,” Shelton said.

During the first DCWIP Virtual Town Hall on Sept. 10th, the candidates spoke about various issues impacting District residents, and especially women, children and families who have been hardest hit by COVID-19. The candidates that participated are: Claudia Barragan, Christina Henderson, Jeanne’ Lewis, Monica Palacio, Marya Pickering, and Ann Wilcox.

Following the town hall, a Preference Poll gave attendees the opportunity to cast their vote for their choice of the best qualified candidate. The winner of the Preference Poll is Christina Henderson.


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DC Women in Politics is a diverse nonpartisan, nonprofit women’s leadership organization. Our mission is to increase the number of women elected to public office and to monitor their legislative and advocacy actions on issues that impact women and families. For more information about DC Women in Politics visit www.dcwomeninpolitics.org on Twitter @dcwomen_politcs and DCWomenInPolitics on Facebook