RSVP here for Virtual Town Hall with At-Large DC Council Candidates September 10, 2020 at 6:30pm.

I am very excited to address the DC Women in Politics membership and to be a candidate for DC Council-at-Large during one of the most significant moments in the suffrage movement.

My candidacy is fueled by going beyond the insight that can be found in a spreadsheet to center the challenges our neighbors face in the streets. I fully intend to champion policy that improves the lives of women in our city, especially concerning housing, education, safety, economic development and healthcare.

Women and children are facing a serious housing crisis, which has been made more urgent as a result of the pandemic. I believe that we have a responsibility to fully-fund the network of housing and homelessness programs and provide extensive rent relief now. And DC is not doing that.

As a Councilmember I will work with coalitions, labor activists, and the community to ensure that the provisions set by the council when they overturned Initiative 77 become a reality. We can begin to address the persistent wage gap between men and women with a living wage for DC tipped workers, and by aggressively combatting wage theft and sexual harassment.

Our city needs to expand our preventative efforts to end the sex trafficking of women and young girls and provide increased access to mental health support and expanded domestic violence programs to help save lives.

In addition, as we build new hospitals, we must prioritize Sexual, and Reproductive health and strengthen DC’s overall maternal health infrastructure within and beyond the hospital.

These are just a few of the policies I hope to champion to improve the lives of women while on Council. Thank you again to the DC Women in Politics for your important work of elevating the leadership and voice of women in our nation’s capital.

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