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Dear DC Women in Politics Members,

My name is Mónica Palacio. I’m a mother, community advocate, and candidate for DC Council At Large. I am not only running to make history as the first Latina on Council, but also because 30 years of public service has prepared me to champion the voices of women in DC.

COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted women, particularly women of color, in the District. This is why we must elect a woman to the Council this November. We need a leader with the background, experience, and perspective to serve all women, regardless of their race or the Ward they live in.

As the Director of the Office of Human Rights, I investigated hundreds of discrimination complaints on behalf of all District residents, the majority of whom were women. Whether it was sexism at work, discrimination at the hands of landlords, or enforcing protections for pregnant women, my career has focused on helping women gain respect and access to everything we need to support ourselves and our families.

For almost three decades, I have worked side by side with community leaders across DC to tear down barriers between neighbors and institutions in order to make our streets safer and improve access to justice and transform day-to-day government services. I have lived the struggles that DC families face and have a track record of building bridges and getting results for those who need it most. I’m a mother of two and I recognize the tough choices that lie ahead. Whether it's the vice presidency of the United States or Councilmember, I know that women are well prepared for the responsibility.

I welcome the opportunity to work with DC Women In Politics members to rebuild DC.

In solidarity, Mónica Palacio

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