DC Women in Politics supports the Mayor-Elect Muriel Bowser's proposal to amend the legislation to de-link the Reeves Center from the Stadium Act of 2014.  Doing this, would allow the District to extract maximum value from that land while, also, controlling its redeveloped use.  The amended bill will spur redevelopment of Buzzard Point, generate hundreds of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in economic benefit.
Further, as introduced, the Soccer Stadium Act does not best serve the interests of the resident taxpayers of the District of Columbia.  For instance, recent appraisals value the Reeves Center at between $11 million and $20 million more than the price that has been negotiated for its purchase.  Moreover, how the Reeves Center is redeveloped should be the subject of a community engagement process.  The de-linking of the Reeves Center under this proposal can also result in the construction and operation of a state of the art home for DC United for decades to come.  It is a win-win situation.
Anita B. Shelton, President

Please sign this petition to STOP THE SALE OF THE REEVES CENTER.

The Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center at 2000 14th Street (14th & U Street NW) is centrally located to provide Ward One and city-wide services.  Therefore, it must remain for current governmental and related services (e.g. Department of Motor Vehicles outpost for licensing renewals), and house new ones as they are initiated.

The Reeves Center can also be redesigned, within its walls, as a multicultural space to support a myriad of activities to bridge the racial, economic and cultural divide.