DC Women in Politics (DC WIP) are urging you to vote in the District of Columbia Special Election on April 23, 2013 for one (1) At-Large City Council Seat.  Currently, there are eight (8) individuals running; two women and six men.  We are desirous of electing a woman for the seat and ask your assistance in getting a woman elected:  Anita Bonds or Elissa Silverman. We enjoy such a large female population in DC with too few representing the masses in the District of Columbia, let's change that!

Also, we are asking you to be forward thinking towards the upcoming Election in 2014 and make female recommendations NOW to provide the recommended person time to prepare to Announce, Pick-up petitions and Prepare for a campaign. DC WIP will provide assistance in following the necessary steps in the process.

Below are important dates and elected offices becoming available to candidates in 2013 and 2014:

Announcement maybe made anytime before collecting Petitions. (Muriel Bowser has already announced for Office of the Mayor).

  • December 2013 - Petitions are to be available for circulation
  • April 2014 - Primary Election
  • November 2014 - General Election

Vacancies in 2014:

  • Office of the DC Mayor
  • Chair of the DC City Council
  • At-Large Seats (2) for DC City Council
  • (New) Office of the DC Attorney General
  • DC City Council Members for:
    • Ward One -
    • Ward Three -
    • Ward Five -
    • Ward Six -