DCWIP Rank Choice Voting (RCV) Position

DCWIP has reviewed the current proposed DC Legislation for Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).  RCV in multi-winner districts is also known as the "single transferable vote". In this process, the ballot shall allow voters to rank candidates for each office in order of preference equal to the total number of candidates for each office; provided that if the voting system, vote tabulation or similar related equipment used by the District cannot feasibly accommodate choices equal to the number of candidates running for office, then the Board of Elections may limit the number of choices a voter may rank to no fewer than three (3).

DCWIP has concluded that the organization will not support the legislation for DC.

View the entire position-paper here.

Based on both the analytical data and empirical assessments reviewed and vetted by the Executive Committee of DC Women in Politics, we have determined that Rank Choice Voting (RCV) is not a legislative proposal that we can or would recommend or support for the District of Columbia. 

Please click here to register your vote in support of not adopting Ranked Choice Voting in DC.



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